Nanna Krogh Lauritsen

Within The Surface

The project Within The Surface is inspired by the term ‘silver mirroring’ - a deterioration process in silver-based photography happening over time. Most often it is caused by air pollution, moisture and heat. The silver image particles oxidises forming silver ions. In areas of high density the silver may migrate to the surface and reduce back into silver particle causing a whitish-bluish sheen called ‘silver mirroring’.

I am fascinated by this - that something which is supposed to stay under the surface becomes visible - but even more so, that the material - silver - that constitutes analog black-and-white photography is able to show itself.

Through experimentation I have deliberately tried to provoke silver to the surface by polluting black-and-white photographic paper. These have been placed in customised containers where they have been exposed to fumes from certain selected chemicals. Furthermore, the paper has been kept in very moist and warm environments. So far the project consists of a lot of experiments. Some showing more silver than others.